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Grampy's Soap

Hand-Crafted Since 2008

I started using hand-crafted soaps in 2008, but got tired of spending so much money on it and decided to turn my Cape Cod kitchen into a mini soap factory. I read a book that was a bit confusing and then took a class. Everything that I read about in the book then made sense as I sat through the class. A couple of month’s later, after gathering the items needed, I made my first batch of Spiced Mahogany soap. I then started to make other scents and started to sell some.

I have 11 grandchildren and 1 great grandson who call me Grampy. when my wife & I asked our oldest grandson what we should call our business and he said “Grampy’s Soap Business.” This name stuck and thus started this adventure in making all natural, vegan friendly hand-crafted soaps. My wife & I are always thinking of new things to add to the business. We will be growing and expanding in the future.

Soap making has become a passion. I put a lot of thought into how I can improve my soap and the experience that you get when using it. I also love to hear how great the soap works for you and the wonderful experiences that you have. Please feel free to leave comments about the soaps that you have tried. Please let me know of anything that I can do to make your experience better.

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