Keep It Simple Stupid

As I have started making soap and looking at what others are doing, I find myself amazed at how fancy people make them.  They have beautiful swirls or multiple layers or can be cut and put side by side to look like a butterfly.  Is this what we want to use in our baths or showers?

I have found that, for me, a man, I like my soap to be plain and simple.   How plain and simple you might ask.  I have tried to limit the ingredients to 6 basic items.  And there is only one ingredient that changes all the time and that is the fragrance.  I have colored a few of my bars a solid color and have added florals to another. But the color of the bar is influenced by the fragrance oil that I have used.  Nothing fancy or exciting.

I think that the people who purchase the fancy bars or cupcake looking soaps buy them for the novelty of them.  Or they may just be purchasing them to use as a display in a guest bath room or kitchen.  They become something of just to look at and not something useful.

I make my soap so that it will be useful and practical.  I keep it simple so that folks can use it without thinking that they have to keep it because it is a thing of beauty.  Use the soap as it is intended to clean your body and the side effect is that you will smell wonderful as well.

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