Soap on a Rope – Innovation at it’s Finest!

Sliced bread. The Internet. Smartphones. Online Shopping.


Can you remember life before these things? Sure, it was doable, and we managed, but how much easier has life been since those things have been in existence? A lot.

Well, we think we can add another thing to the list: the very humble but oh-so-useful: soap on a rope.


Tell me more about Soap on a Rope

The concept is incredibly simple, really. A soap with, well, a rope built into it or attached to it. You can’t get much more simple than that, but what a gamechanger it has come to be. No more drama in the shower!


Let’s, for a moment, ignore the rather salacious rumors about the origins of the soap on a rope (prison showers is all we are going to say!) and look at the real story behind the product. It was created in the late 1940s by the English Leather Company. They knew that people had had enough of soggy lumps of soap turning into a big pile of mush on the side of the sink or bath, and looked at ways to make life easier. After all, people had just come through the harsh realities of World War Two – anything that would make their lives easier was going to be a good thing, and a soap attached to be a piece of rope that could be hung up to dry out seemed like a great invention.


So, apart from saving your soap from being a mushy mess that no one wants to touch or clean up, why else might you want a soap attached to a piece of rope?


Well, as well as avoiding soggy, scummy mess, hanging the soap up also makes it a lot more hygienic. When it is left wet on the side, it is a perfect environment for bacteria to breed and thrive, but hanging it over the shower or tap gives it a chance to dry and to avoid becoming a bacteria maternity hospital, so it is a lot more hygienic.

It also means that anyone who may be physically impaired can shower without worrying that they are going to drop the soap and never be able to bend down to pick it up. On the same vein, it is safer for everyone – no more skidding across the shower when you stand on the soap!


For many years, the soap on the rope fell out of fashion, probably because of its associations with prison showers, but in recent years, it has made a big comeback, with some high-end soap makers restarting production of them. Here at Grampy’s Soap Business, we are big fans of the soap on a rope, which is why we have a great range of soap on a rope in all sorts of unique and fun designs. 


Whether you are a hotel wanting to offer something a little more funky and quirky for your clients, or you are looking for the perfect gift for someone for the office Secret Santa, or even if you run your own store and want to stock something a bit different, our range of fun soap on a rope is perfect.

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