Soap Shaped Like a Pumpkin

A quick look at any retail shelf during the Fall/Autumn months will tell you that Halloween-themed merchandise is a huge seller. People love their Halloween decor, and that love extends to all types of other things, too. Halloween enthusiasts love to go all out with Halloween-themed items, from decorations and accent pieces to unique food items, kitchenware, outdoor accessories and even health and beauty items. A true Halloween-lover leaves no stone unturned; their home is a Halloween paradise in the month of October, right down to the soaps in their bathroom soap dish!


Which brings us to Grampy’s Soaps. If you’re a Halloween lover like we are, you’ll love our Pumpkin Soap, which is the perfect addition to any Halloween-themed home or office. This hand-crafted, vegan-friendly soap is lovingly made by us and is shaped like a pumpkin! This festive soap is one of our more popular products because it’s adorable, hand made and smells great. Best of all, our soap shaped like a pumpkin is versatile and can be used for a wide variety of different uses. 


Consider Getting a Bar of Soap Shaped Like a Pumpkin!

For example: soap shaped like a pumpkin can be given as a gift, for that Halloween-lover in your life; handed out in goodie bags/gift baskets at a Halloween party; given as treats for students to take home at school; bought in bulk for resale; you can even give them out to trick or treaters as an option for those who can’t have sweets or certain foods! You can get really creative with this fun soap. Buy just one, or buy it in bulk; all orders are custom made just for you. And because our soaps are made with all natural, vegan-friendly oils and fragrances, you know that it will be gentle on the skin. Grampy’s soaps are a gift you can feel good about. 

Grampy’s soaps come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and fragrances and we pride ourselves on making high-quality vegan soap products that smell fantastic. These are great for decor or for daily use; it’s up to you. You’ll feel great about our vegan formula with all natural oils and fragrances that are easy on the skin and the planet. 

Pumpkin soaps are one of our most beloved items because they are fun and functional, a great gift idea for the person in your life whose favorite holiday is Halloween. Because they’re inexpensive, these little bars are a great addition to any gift basket or Halloween-themed giveaway. 

Pumpkin soap can be used in the home, to add a little holiday flair to your bathroom; in the office, to help coworkers get into the holiday spirit, in hotels during the autumn months, and more. It’s a wonderful addition to any Halloween store inventory, too! Soap shaped like a pumpkin is the perfect, fresh and clean way to get into the Halloween months. Try one of our all-natural, vegan-friendly, hand crafted pumpkin soaps today. Clean-up has never been so spooky, or so fun!

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