Soap Shaped Like a Soccer Ball

We don’t always immediately think of kids when we think of unique soaps, but we should. Why? Because hand crafted and fun, custom soaps are a fantastic gift idea for kids. Gifts don’t always have to be about toys; a gift of a health and beauty product can be a great way to ensure your kids are practicing good hygiene. At Grampy’s Soaps, we have a huge selection of handcrafted, lovingly made all natural soaps in a variety of kid-friendly shapes and scents that are guaranteed to please any kid! Best of all, they’re made with natural ingredients so you can feel good about everyone in the family using them. 


Consider Getting a Bar of Soap Shaped Like a Soccer Ball!

Handcrafted soaps have been an inspired and thoughtful gift choice for a long time, and there’s no reason that kids can’t also enjoy this wonderful gift. One of our products that is popular with kids is the soap shaped like a soccer ball. This soccer ball soap is a fun and unique way to promote a love of hygiene and cleanliness as well as the love of sports, to perk up any kid’s bathroom, and they’ll think it’s a hoot! For the soccer-obsessed kid in your life, these make great little gifts or treats. 

There are many uses/ideas for soccer ball soap, including: 

Stocking stuffers; additions to treat bags at a birthday party; gifts for a soccer coach or teammates, used as bathroom decor at a soccer-themed party; incentives/rewards for good grades at school; decorations for a new bathroom; part of a gift-basket or gift bag; part of a get well soon package; packed in the suitcase for use at camp; soap for locker room/school showers; decor for school bathrooms; a fun way to teach small children about personal hygiene; and so many more. No matter what you can think up, these soaps are just perfect.

And hey, soap shaped like a soccer ball doesn’t have to just be for kids, either. These soaps also make a great gift for the grown up soccer enthusiast, too. They make a great gift for the sports fans in your bridal party; stocking stuffers; anniversary or birthday gifts, or just to sit in the soap dish during soccer season. 

You’ll love Grampy’s all natural, vegan-friendly soaps that are made with plant based, skin-softening oils and botanical fragrances. No matter your personal style, fragrance preferences or aesthetics, you can find a great natural soap among our inventory. Our soaps are made custom to order and are always 100% guaranteed. They can be bought individually or in bulk and are super affordable, too. Give us a call or check out our website to find out more about your soap products, and place an individual or bulk order. 

If you’re looking for a unique and fun little gift idea or reward for the kid (or grown up sports lover) in your life, consider getting them soap shaped like a soccer ball, for some good, clean fun.

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