“You Smell” Text as a Bar of Soap

If you are on the hunt for a unique bar of soap and you don’t know where to turn, you might want to consider one of these bars of soap with the word You Smell on it. As you might imagine, this can prove a fantastic gag item or novelty piece, and it is something that has many potential applications that might be relevant in your life. Whether you are looking to surprise someone for their birthday with a funny gift or you just want to get hold of one for future, or if you are a collector of funny and novelty items, you can be sure that one of these You Smell bars of soap is going to do the job.


Consider a Bar of “You Smell” Soap

Funny & Quirky

The main reason you might want one of these bars of soap is because they are funny and quirky, and can be used to help make any bathroom space a little more funny and quirky too. Having a You Smell bar of soap in your bathroom, or even in your hotel’s bathroom, is going to  be a great addition to it in most cases. It’s the kind of thing that your guests will notice immediately and make a point about, so it is also a useful conversation starter too for when you have people round your home. Grab one of these funny and quirky You Smell bars of soap and you’ll be glad that you did.

Unique Birthday Gift

It is often challenging to find a good birthday gift that the recipient is going to enjoy. If you are currently thinking of finding a birthday gift for someone in your life, there are many possible avenues you might look down in order to find the perfect present. But one which is always going to go down well is if you get them a unique and funny birthday gift that they can enjoy for its humorous factor. With one of these bars of soap with the word You Smell printed on it, you can be certain of delivering on the humor front, so it’s the kind of gift they are never going to forget.

Memorable Novelty Piece

Sometimes you just want to get hold of a memorable novelty piece to have in the home, and if that’s what you are looking for then you need look no further than this You Smell bar of soap. It’s something that everyone in your home is going to love for its humor, and for that same reason it is going to be perfectly memorable for a long time to come. If you are looking for a simple, funny and yet meaningful novelty item for the home, a bar of soap with You Smell printed on it is bound to be all you need.


Whatever purpose you might have for this kind of item, a You Smell bar of soap is absolutely going to be an important and funny item to have in the home, so it’s something to think about getting hold of.

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